The Importance Of Oral Presentations For University Students


  • Slađana Živković


This paper aims at presenting the specifics of designing oral presentations for university students. Oral presentations are becoming an important part of language teaching, especially in the university environment. Teaching students to design effective oral presentations presupposes two goals, namely, enabling students to function successfully in the future professional surrounding, and preparing them for their possible further academic career. For both directions, the author of this text, an ESP lecturer and syllabus designer, concludes from her own teaching experience that teaching presentations is a necessity if students are to perform well both in professional and academic settings. Since oral presentations involve multi-skills, a carefully planned and constructed guideline will help develop students' receptiveness to oral presentations. By making students aware of basic points, types, characteristics and styles of scientific and technical communication, the paper is to serve as a starting point in an attempt to make them expand and perfect their oral presentation skills. In a pilot study a conceptual framework has been used to illustrate our starting point. It has been examined the importance of designing an effective oral presentations at the university level.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n19p468


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