Exploring and Evaluating the Niche of Social Work as an Engine of Social Development in Selected African Countries


  • S. M Kang’ethe


The article, through a systematic literature methodology, endeavours to evaluate and debate the role of social work as an engine of social development in selected African countries. Findings indicate that social work can achieve the following aspects of social development: Encourage philanthropy as a strategy to address various individual vulnerabilities; facilitate participation of the grassroots communities in socio-economic development of their geographical areas; offers psycho-emotional services to release stress and desperation; urge and advocate for the spirit of volunteerism and service to others. On the other side of the coin, Social work in some African countries appears to display the following flaws: It continues to follow a curriculum that was crafted by the western world countries that does not adequately match the growth needs of African countries; It is not adequately addressing most of the social illnesses African countries are experiencing; It is professionally not adequately conspicuous and is usually eclipsed by other professions such as sociology, psychology, economic etc. The article recommends that: social work curriculum be reconfigured, re conceptualized, re indigenized to address local problems; shed its western component and be augmented to address the challenges of the African countries; is adequately remunerated to match other professions to avoid apathy workforce attrition; given an opportunity by the government to play an active role in administration, economics and leadership position.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n23p1734


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