Quality Assurance: A Case Study at a University of Technology


  • CM van der Bank
  • BA Popoola


In every organisation, the importance of quality whether in goods or service delivery, can never be over-emphasised. Hence there is always need for quality assurance in service delivery or goods. An organisation can be involved in either the production of goods or the rendering of services to society. In the higher education system (a service delivery organisation), quality assurance is of great importance to institutions and there are different methods of ensuring that quality services are rendered to society. Some of these methods of quality assurance include accreditation, audits and assessment. In this paper, quality assurance is studied with respect to the quality, standards and relevance of the services in higher institutions and particularly in the context of the Vaal University of Technology. This paper also examines the benefits of the three elements to institutions of higher education.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n23p2129


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