Geodemographic Potential of the Republic of Tatarstan: Analysis, Evaluation, Territorial Differences


  • N.K. Gabdrakhmanov
  • V.A. Rubtzov
  • M.R. Mustafin
  • O.V. Pratchenko


Modern international scientific community recognizes that the territorial paradigm is of great importance for development of the region. Its essence is in the fact that the territory is considered as an arena of interaction of various driving forces, the components of nature and society, i.e. as a resource, as well as the space organized in a particular way. In this sense territoriality leads to the formation of a special socio-economic landscape which is the reflex of the content of this concept. In its turn, territoriality – from the comprehensive point of view – is the performance potential of the territory. To fulfil the demographic potential of the territory is the aim of the research. The article gives the author's definition of geo-demographic potential of the region based on the theory of geo-demography. The methodology of evaluation of the demographic potential of the territory from the perspective of the demographic situation and the demographic setting was developed. Since the analysis of the balance of labor resources is at the core of economic-demographic research, and already in the 60s V.V. Pokshishevsky and M.Ya. Sonin emphasized the importance of geographical study of the population and their relationship with manufacturing on the basis of the regional balance of labor resources which take into account changes of population, as well as production, the need to analyze the typology of the geo-demographic situation of the Republic of Tatarstan and to identify corresponding zones of formation of the demographic potential is required. On the basis of the proposed methodology, typological zonation of the demographic potential the directions of further development of the demographic situation of the relevant typological zones were identified, the forecast of population size in them was calculated. The presented typology is consistent with the program of the demographic development of the Republic of Tatarstan.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n24p278


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