A Perspective on the Principle of Social Solidarity in South Africa


  • Mashele Rapatsa


The principle of social solidarity constitutes an indispensable phenomenon that is capable of providing long-term solutions to various socio-economic challenges faced largely by the indigent people in the society. This article explores the significance of social solidarity within the context of social protection, looking at its impact in mitigating the harmful effects of unemployment, poverty and inequalities that are widely experienced in South Africa. Adopting the qualitative method, the article is both exploratory and descriptive in form and uses primary and secondary sources as source material. It is asserted that social solidarity is a fundamental constitutional value that culminated in the inclusion of social security rights in the Constitution. It is through this principle that the value of ubuntu finds expression with ease. Undoubtedly, social solidarity plays an effective role in producing an appropriate social orientation of the society by stabilizing social welfare, an ideal which is necessary for sustainable development.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n27p966


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