Contemporary Issues of Russian Population’s Health Economics


  • E.V. Egorov
  • V.V. Tsalikova
  • E.M. Razumovskaya


Theory and practice of public health promotion in today’s Russia are considered in the article which is based on substitution of healthcare service economics for public health economics. Herewith various approaches to health economics are analyzed: human capital theory, human development theory, public health care concept and models of public health. Special attention is paid to determining risk factors of public health in the Russian Federation and policy of a healthy lifestyle. In particular, it is defined in a new Government program of the Russian Federation “Public health services development” for 2013-2020. Students’ physical education and development and expansion of the Russian Federation cities’ participation in the “Healthy cities” project carried out by the European regional bureau of the World Health Organization (WHO) are matters of great importance.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n1s3p391


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Contemporary Issues of Russian Population’s Health Economics. (2015). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 6(1 S3), 391.