Between the East and the West – Phenomenon of Tartar Literary Criticism in The Lingvo-Cultural Aspect


  • Tagir Shamsegalievich Gilazov
  • Irina Sovetovna Karabulatova
  • Flera Sagitovna Sayfulina
  • Chulpan Malikovna Kurakova
  • Gulphiya Maratovna Talipova


The article is devoted to research into the phenomenon of the Tatar literary critical thought in the context of evolution of the Tatar culture amidst Western and Eastern philosophies. The authors proceed from the analysis of the genesis of the Tatar literary critique and highlights bifurcation assembly points, i.e. contribution of certain authors of the early XX century (1906- 1920) into the development of the literary critique as one of the branches of literary studies essential for the development of the literary process as a whole. The evolution of the scientific concept of the national literary critique is traced back to numerous factual materials pertaining to different types and genre of literary critical thought of such renowned national authors as S.Mardzhani, R.Fakhrutdinov, F.Amirkhan, G.Tukay, N.Dzhamal, N.Garsi, M.Ukmasi, G.Ibragimov, G.Battal, G.Sagdi, et al., who made a significant input into establishment and development of the Tartar literary critique, its methods, determination of the main principles at solving major tasks, which in its turn allows us to follow the process of fledging national literary criticism. The authors demonstrate evolution of the terminology in the Tartar literary critique under the influence of Oriental and European traditions. The authors of the article make convincing conclusions about the fact that in the beginning of the last century and under the influence of the Oriental on the one hand and Russian and European on the other, literary theory, cultural studies and at the time of serious contemplations over the literary terminology and concepts, the Tartar literary criticism paved the way for independent development, which in its turn promoted the establishment of the Tatar scientific thought and the theory of literature.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n3s2p508


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Gilazov, T. S., Karabulatova, I. S., Sayfulina, F. S., Kurakova, C. M., & Talipova, G. M. (2015). Between the East and the West – Phenomenon of Tartar Literary Criticism in The Lingvo-Cultural Aspect. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 6(3 S2), 508. Retrieved from




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