Service Sector: Methodological Instruments for Managing Enterprise’s Image


  • Bashmachnikova Elena Valentinovna
  • Bakanova Elena Mikhailovna


One of the most important factors that provide stable development of country and regions’ economy is efficiency and competiveness of enterprises of service sector; in such case primary attention is paid to improvement of instruments and management engineering with the aim of increasing efficiency of its economical activity. Success of service companies depends both on degree of development of market, financial and other production industries, and built image of the enterprise. In this connection, such circumstances require search for new solutions, examination of peculiarities of competiveness’ formation and management of service companies’ image. Considering the complexity and many-sidedness of the process of image managing, as well as the implications regarding conceptual bases of image managing, this article presents methodological instruments, including the procedure of multi-aspect analysis of condition of service companies’ image managing.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n3s2p650


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