Integrative-cyclical Approach to the Study of Quality Control of Resource Saving by the Use of Innovation Factors


  • Anatoliy Alabugin
  • Nikolay Topuzov
  • Sergei Aliukov


In this paper we investigate some problems dealing with quality control of some economic processes. It is well known, that while we do a quantitative evaluation of the quality control of some economic processes with help of innovation factors, there are three groups of problems: high uncertainty of indicators of the quality management, their considerable ambiguity, and high costs to provide a large-scale research. These problems appear because of usage of contradictory objectives of enhancing of the quality control in accordance with innovation factors and preservation of economic stability of the enterprise. In our opinion, the following two methods are to solve these contradictions most effectively: 1) the use of paradigms and concepts of evolutionary improvement of quality of resource-saving management in the cycle "from the project of an innovative product (technology) - to its commercialization and update parameters of customer value"; 2) the application of the so called integrative-cyclical approach which consistent with complexity and type of the concept, to studies allowing to get quantitative assessment of the stages of achieving of the consistency of these objectives. We have developed some new methods, based on the integrative-cyclical approach, that allow us to get consistent management solutions for reducing the severity of the above mentioned contradictions and increasing the validity of the choice of resource-development strategies in terms of parameters of quality management and sustainability of enterprise. In this paper it is shown that the use of the integrative-cyclical approach to the study and evaluation of the resulting and factor indicators will help raise the level of resource-saving characteristics up to the value existing in the developed economies of post-industrial type.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2015.v6n4p420


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Integrative-cyclical Approach to the Study of Quality Control of Resource Saving by the Use of Innovation Factors. (2015). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 6(4), 420.