Character Education Insightful Nationality: A Multi Cultural Approach


  • Chairul Anwar


The problems faced by Indonesia as a nation with a population of 250 million people, where 90% of the population is Muslim, 250 ethnic groups, 250 more local languages, 17,000 islands, and more than 6 official religions and faiths, is a historical fact inevitable. This fact is a blessing and a challenge. Blessing if the plurality that can be managed with wisdom and tact, but the biggest challenge when a plurality is not able to run well. Conflicts small but quite often the case for this is the harsh reality that demands solution and a way out wise. Education is one of the foundation hopes to take part in the multi-cultural management, especially the character-based education and nationality insight that had been considered in deficit since the fall of the New Order. Through multi-cultural approach, national awareness deficit can be overcome through education to reintroduce nonstop national spirit pluralist and multi-cultural.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2016.v7n2s1p182


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