A Study of Iran’s Situation and That of Its Rival Countries in the Regional Equation


  • Fatemeh Mehrdadi
  • Jahanbakhsh Moradi


The present writing examines Iran's situation and that of its rival countries in the regional equations. In this direction the main question has been put forward and that is that what is the effect of regional equations on Iran's and the rival countries situation? As an answer the hypothesis has been put forward that regional equations has paved the ground for elevating Iran's situation and weakening its rival countries. The kind of the research method used is descriptive-analytical. Also in order to theoretically support the issue we have used the realist, neo-realist, defensive and offensive realist theories. Generally because of big changes like Islamic awakening The Palestinian issue, the big domestic changes in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan crises the Middle East has experienced many crises. This issue has increased tensions and the existing divergence between Iran and the other regional and trans-regional rival powers. As a result the existing crises has become more complicated and the path is paved for vast insecurities.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2016.v7n3s3p364


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Mehrdadi, F., & Moradi, J. (2016). A Study of Iran’s Situation and That of Its Rival Countries in the Regional Equation. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 7(3 S3), 364. Retrieved from https://www.richtmann.org/journal/index.php/mjss/article/view/9250