Intellectual Property Law, Protection of the Rights, Its Importance in Our Country


  • Ma DritaBejtullahi
  • AlbaRobert Dumi


Protecting intellectual property is very important in several fields of everyday life, because it has a direct effect on many rights that individuals enjoy in a society. It encourages the development of sciences, arts, computer and cultural inventions, etc. Protecting intellectual property rights means greater productivity, improvement in quality of goods and services, thus making the actors more competitive in the global market. Intellectual property today has become a new discipline with research value, because issues and problems covered by this discipline are increasingly getting a greater theoretical and practical importance. Though there is a serious attempt to treat intellectual property related issues, I find that we are dealing with a great effort to analyze and judge the scientific concepts and notions of intellectual property, its role and importance achieved in today’s stadium of socio-economic development. The point here is to emphasize the overwhelming achievements in the field of intellectual creativity, expressed through great scientific inventions and industrial products. On the other hand, the ever increasing grounds for informality and manipulation, leading to numerous complications and hardships in its legal protection, even possible legislative duplications and vulnerabilities in processing different cases and finding solutions when being faced with real contests.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2017.v8n1p149


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