Shopping Behavior Among Urban Women


  • Muhammad Wahyuddin
  • Anton A Setyawan
  • Sidiq Permono Nugroho


This research was aimed to analyze the difference of men and women in Surakarta in perceiving the shopping value. The values were classified into the hedonic and utilitarian value. Hedonic value occurs when consumers rely on their emotional, social, and psychological aspect, while utilitarian value is more concerned with the functional aspect in carrying out the activity. Result showed that there was difference perception between men and women as retail consumers. In this study, women tended to have hedonic value as their shopping orientation, while men tended to have utilitarian orientation. It implied that gender was an important aspect in structuring business position and segmentation in retail industry.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2017.v8n1p306


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Shopping Behavior Among Urban Women. (2017). Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 8(1), 306.