European Parliament the Democratic Representative for the People of Europe


  • Enertila Bekteshi


The history of the European Parliament can be seen as part of the development process toward a federal parliament supported by some researchers, but however another viewpoint of EU nature, as an international organization would be influenced from the European Parliament’s viewpoint as well. It has been admitted that formal upcoming changes have turned it into a co-decision-maker with the Council of Ministers. There isn’t any other organization, where the member countries should share the decision-making process with the institutions which have been selected directly. In fact, during the creation of the united Europe, the power of the European Parliament have continuously increased trying to reduce the “democratic deficit” for which the Community is accused. Also the role of the EP role as an alternative point of access in the "policy-making'" process for interests that feel excluded from the domination of business interests could help in building a sense of European Identity among such groups in the longer term. The European Parliament appoints an Ombudsman, who may receive complaints from any citizen of the Union or from any other natural person or legal entity living or having his/her statutory residence/registered office in a member country. The cases handled by an Ombudsman are related to the bad administration of the institutions or community bodies’ activities except the Court of Justice and the General Court in their court functions. The Ombudsman works in full competence and does not accept or require directives from any other organization. During his assignment must not perform any other professional activity for free or against payment. He is appointed by the European Parliament with the same duration of his legislature having a renewable mandate. In the DPB are provided also the Ombudsman’s norms that might have in the cases of bad administration in conjunction with the activity of institutions in this sector. Thus, it will be solved the problem of accusation for lacking of transparency addressed to this sector.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2017.v8n1p340


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