Palmyra Fiber as Additional Materials on Solid Concrete Brick of Aggregate


  • .Asrial
  • .Antariksa
  • Amin SetyoLeksono
  • SerafinahIndriyani


The use of waste as an additional material on the building work was increasingly actively developed, such as straw, styrofoam, bagasse, cow manure. The key drivers of the use of waste is the potential for waste is increasing, due to the depletion of non-renewable resources. Papyrus rod diameter 60 cm, length 30 meters, has a volume of 5,652m3 as well as the edges of the Rods that can be used for construction with a thickness of 3 cm has a volume 0,942m3, Pith and fiber volume content of the stem 4,71m3/rod, then in one rod, there are 2 to 3 bunches each fruit bunches yield as much as 20 to 30 items for one harvest, by weight of fruit fiber 101.2 gram / fruit, Fiber characteristics are round and smooth is expected to reduce cracks in solid concrete brick and also can reduce the use of sand. This study aims to determine the compressive strength of the composition of the additional material of Rods fiber content and Fiber of palmyra fruit with a percentage 3%, 6% and 9%, mixing ratio; 1 cement and 5 sand in the manufacture of solid concrete brick. Rods fiber content used the average Ø1,031mm with a tensile strength of single fiber 39,305N / cm and fruit fiber to an average value Ø0,40mm with a tensile strength of single fiber 33,691N / cm. Making test specimen with a length of 20cm, width 10cm and thick 8cm. The test results of compressive strength after 14 days with the lowest value at 3% of additional material combination of fiber content of 6% fiber stem and fruit by 70,384Kg/cm² with a water content of 15,254% In weight position 2,935Kg as well as the highest value on the combination of additional material 0% rods fiber content and 3% fruit fiber by 98,821Kg/cm² with a water content of 15,031% In weight position 3,058Kg. While N (without additional material) with a compressive strength below the average id 63,704Kg/cm2 with water content of 10,167 in weight position 3,072Kg. Research result of solid concrete brick with additional material of rods fiber content and palmyra fruit fiber was included on the type B70, the average value of the compressive strength of 78.57 Kg / cm² (SNI-03- 1348-1989) with a water content of <25%.

DOI: 10.5901/mjss.2017.v8n1p410


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